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What does the Loaves and Fishes organization do?

Loaves and Fishes provides a free hot meal every Thursday. 

Who is eligible to receive Loaves & Fishes meals?

All are welcome at this free community meal.

What groups can be Sponsors of a weekly meal?

Loaves and Fishes is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.  Any group of citizens, either formal or informal, community or religious-affiliated, can become a sponsor.

How can my group become involved with Loaves & Fishes?

You or your group can sponsor or support a meal with a donation.  If you are part of a group that would like to become involved, please send an email to 

How many volunteers are needed per weekly meal?

3 – 4 people are needed to cook on Wednesday morning prior to Thursdays lunch, and 10-15 on Thursday to finish cooking, set-up, serve, and clean-up.

If I don't belong to a group, how can I help?

Donated food needs to be picked up at City Market 3 times a week. Hot meals need to be delivered to home-bound persons every Thursday. Our volunteer coordinator would love to speak with you and help find a task that you would enjoy.

As a business, how can we support Loaves & Fishes?

Businesses can donate money, kitchen equipment or supplies to support our mission.  Donations are tax-deductible.

Who will be there to guide us through the event?

Our professional cook will be present to guide and assist you as will our volunteer coordinator.  There are also several community volunteers who help  by setting up/taking down the tables in the hall, preparing the beverages, readying the desserts and washing dishes.

What does Loaves and Fishes supply towards the meal?

Loaves and Fishes supplies the meat, bread and dessert for the meal, as well as a professional cook to assist you.

What is the cost to sponsoring groups?

The average cost to sponsor a meal is approximately $250. Sponsors are provided a grocery list of items needed to prepare and complete meal e.g. diced tomatoes, onions, beans, etc.

How meals do we serve each week?

We serve an average of 250 meals each week.

How does a sponsoring group know what to cook?

Our professional cook will work with your recipe or provide one for you, as well as lead kitchen activities to prepare that weeks meal. 

Where is the food cooked and served?

The food is prepared and served at the Parish Hall at 499 Lewis Street in downtown Pagosa Springs, Colorado. 

Can sponsors do some of the food preparation at home?

All food must be prepared in a kitchen licensed by the San Juan Basin Health Department.

Is completion of a Food Safety class a requirement for being a Sponsor?

It is preferred that our sponsors complete the Colorado Safe Food Handling course although not required. All of Loaves and Fishes Board members and regular volunteers have received their food handling certification. 


How many meals can a guest receive?

All guest are provided with as many meals as desired although this may be limited based on traffic and/or food availability. 

What is the best way to understand what Loaves and Fishes is all about?

We welcome people to learn more about use through our website, Facebook page or by contacting us at

How old do you have to be to volunteer at Loaves and Fishes?

Volunteers must be sixteen years old or older.

What are the dress requirements for volunteers?

For safety reasons, no open-toed shoes are permitted. We require individuals wear head covering and/or have hair tied back. Aprons are provided as needed. 

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