Our Mission

Mission Statement:
The purpose of this corporation, Loaves and Fishes of Archuleta County, Colorado, serving as a faith based and community based organization, is to provide nutritious meals in a safe, warm, and caring environment, free of charge, to anyone who comes seeking nourishment and fellowship.  And further, the mission is to provide access to community services and resources to those in need, while providing opportunities for volunteers to give of themselves in service to others.

  • Provide a hot meal once a week
  • Provide hot to-go meals for guests
  • Provide opportunities for guests to socialize
  • Collaborate with community organizations like San Juan Basin Health

Loaves and Fishes in the only organization in Archuleta County that provides this service to the community. It is only through the love, kindness and dedication of so many people that the mission is being accomplished.

History of Loaves and Fishes

Founded in 2005 by four local women who saw a need in our community to feed the hungry, the group expanded and became more formalized and stable.  In 2010, Loaves and Fishes received its non-profit designation.  Loaves and Fishes operates free of charge in the downtown Parish Hall of the Catholic Church. In 2019, operating with a small budget, Loaves and Fishes provided over 10,000 meals.